Last Week’s Report From Molyneux

A good week was enjoyed by our first full booking of the season, with all catching carp and one particular angler having a blinding week with 21 fish to his name….. 

There were six anglers in the group, Matt in Barn swim, Harrying his his dad Mick chose double, Roy social 2, Ray chose Stones and Phil settle for Social 1.

The first night proved fruitful with a number of fish out around the lake. The first and second fish arrived within minutes of each other, with Harry in Double landing a 34lb common, and Phil in Social 1 landing a 25lb common both around 7pm.

An early morning flurry of excitement around the lake started in Double with Mick landing a 36lb common. Matt in Barn then followed up at just after 2am with a 39lb mirror. Harry then landed a 29lb mirror next door, and a few minutes later Phil had a screaming one toner in Social 1 resulting in a 37lb 14oz mirror. At 7am Ray in Stones joined the party with a 37lb mirror.

carp fishing in france at molyneux

Phil – 37lb

At 12am Phil landed a 37lb 8oz mirror, and at 4.45pm he landed yet another 37lb 8oz mirror, his third different 37lb plus of the day. That evening Harry landed a peach of a common at 38lb. At midnight Harry in Double landed a 52lb catfish.

Monday morning at 2am and Harry landed a 26lb mirrror, and at 8am he landed another of 35lb. 3pm saw Phil land a 29lb 4oz mirror, as he released this another rod roared off resulting in another mirror of exactly the same size, whats the odds…


carp fishing holidays in france

39lb 12oz

At 7.30pm Phil hooked a brute and after a good scrap netted a 38lb 8oz mirror. At 11.30pm Phil landed another good fish, a mirror of 36lb.

The weather had changed over the last few days, the hot sunny weather we had been enjoying had been replaced by sunny spells although punctuated by occasional cloud cover and a chill North, North Westerly breeze which had moved the fish around.

Just into Tuesday morning and Roy finally got off the mark in Social 2. He landed two fish in ten minutes, a 36lb 12oz grass carp, and a 15lb 4oz common. At 5am Roy hooked and some time later managed to land a 72lb catfish.

carp fishing in france


Phil continued his good run that afternoon and into the evening with a run of fish starting with a 39lb 12oz mirror at 1.30pm, a short while later, he landed a 30lb mirror. Matt who had that morning moved into Jacks swim with Ray landed a 33lb 12oz mirror at 4.15pm. Phil then caught his largest of the week to date with a 43lb 8oz Grass carp, He followed this with a 14lb common, and mirrors of 24lb and 28lb before retiring for the night.

Matt had the first fish of  Wednesday with a 23lb 7oz mirror, Phil then had a 22lb 8oz mirror followed by a 31lb 12oz mirror. At 1pm Matt had a 15lb common, then Phil spots kicked in again with a 37lb mirror and a 16lb common coming to his net.

The northerly breeze had turned into a full blow by now, and it was starting to feel proper chilly wandering round the place… The fishing was affected and a steady run of fish was turning into a trickle. Matt landed a 22lb 8oz mirror at 1am, 45 minutes later and Phil landed a 32lb 14oz Grass carp. At 6am Ray landed his first from jacks a cracking 38lb mirror. At 4.15pm Phil landed a 30lb 10oz mirror.

french fishing holidays

39lb 12oz

Friday morning at 2.15am and Phil in Social 1 caught a 40lb 14oz mirror, he also caught the next fish that day, a 31lb mirror from Social 2. With double side of the lake being quiet Harry had done a day or two in social 2 after Ray moved into Cabin swim. Phil let him fish Social 1 from Friday lunchtime in the hope he could nick one or two before leaving as he had celebrated his Birthday on the Thursday.

So with everyone all sorted and fishing again on their new spots Matt in Jacks pulled out the only fish of the last night with a 28lb 6oz common at 6.20am on a cold early Saturday morning…….

A cracking bunch of lads, and some lovely fish caught during their stay, all had caught some more than others, but I think I can say they all enjoyed their trip…….. Cheers chaps it was good to meet you all.

For more information on Molyneux follow the link – Carp Fishing near Calais


2 thoughts on “Last Week’s Report From Molyneux

  1. Philip says:

    Hi there we are looking to book 2019 May June time have you got cray fish in the lake and are they a problem with your bait

  2. Hi Philip

    There is a population of small brown crayfish in the lake, but they have not caused any issues for anglers, you can check this yourself by reading the feedback reports –

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