Looking for a carp runs water?

Alan Bigot introducing one of the new stockies

The 50… stocked Nov 2010

Following on from the introduction of the 51 lb mirror at Lillypool, the lads have gone mad and put in yet more fish in for your enjoyment. Yes, I did say more fish added to the already impressive head of carp.  This should really help guarantee even more carp action next year.

Due to work commitments I couldn’t be there to take delivery, but a good friend of mine, Peter, agreed to over see the process of weighing and photographing the 24 fish… all of which were above 20lb, being between 20.7 lb & and 26.4 lb.

Since my brother and his long time fishing buddy, Mark, have owned Lillypool they have strived to make it one of the most talked about lakes in France. With the introduction of these fish and the 50lb’er they are well on the way. Last season was fantastic, this season should be something else.

Jay (bailiff)


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