Lotus lake produces a 41lb carp for 12 year old Jake

Mas Bas Lotus lake produced this 41lb’er for Jake

Writing as the mother of Jake Carling, an avid 12 year old anger from Kent intent on spending as much of his summer holidays, (preferably ‘en France!) staking out big carp, I seized an opportunity to seek a venue recommendation from the great Danny Fairbrass during February’s ‘Big One exhibtion’

We queued for what seemed an age at the Korda stand until I finally managed to exchange a few words with Danny on his thoughts for the perfect family venue. He kindly tipped advice on Angling Lines carp fishing holidays and on returning home we trawled their site and discovered ‘Mas Bas’ in South West of France…

These lakes and their surroundings were not only scenic and peaceful beyond our imagination but they were known for a lake record of 53lbs. Jake spent a week prior to our departure working on odd jobs for Hawkhurst fish farm in lieu of his vast bait requirements to see him through a week of action packed angling which saw him bag an overall total of 232lbs in 5 days!! The bait included 8 kilos of Mainline Fusion boilies, 6 kilos of Mainline Cell, 5 kilos of hemp, 6 kilos of groundbait, 2 fusion glugs, pineapple pop ups, plus tuna, tiger nuts and ever faithful sweetcorn!!





The set up for the week was as follows:

Tackle; 3 rods, bolt rig tied to a knotless knot with a size 2 microbarbed hook with rig rings and shrink tube.

Bait; Three fusion boiles fished over a kilo of spod mix and fished tight to a patch of lillies.

Catch day 1. Lotus lake came alive early evening but each good run resulted in lost fish.




Catch day 2: Suddenly Jake was in business and ecstatic after netting his first 30lb mirror carp with a little help needed from his friend, Darren Ashton, to perform an acccurate weigh in. Followed by a 2lb tench plus another carp weighing in at 27lbs.




Catch day 3: Another successful night session brought in 26 lb and 25lb mirror carp and an 8lb grass carp.

Catch day 4: Five 2lb bream punctuated a day session followed by a lull at dusk. However, this was not to last as a hugely successful night session saw a very excited Jake bring in his PB; a 41lb mirror carp causing great excitement amongst fellow anglers on the bank.




Catch day 5: 28lb mirror and a stunning 25lb common carp in the most pristine condition and his last fish…a 10lb mirror.

According to owner Giles, Lotus lake is notoriously difficult to fish during the week we visited.

So as we said our farewells, it was definitely a case of ‘job done’ for Jake, content with the knowledge that he had not only beaten his PB but also set a record at Mas Bas for being the youngest angler to catch a 40lb+ carp at the venue.

Copyright Fenella Roiz De Sa, 12th August 2010


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