Maiden Century at Alder Carp Lake

Jim Kelly – 39.09

Paul Cooper and Jim Kelly were fishing Alder lake for Angling Lines, both anglers were quickly into the fish and the action became so manic that Paul reduced his rods down to two and pulled them out for a rest at night.

Although Paul caught the most fish, Jim caught a bigger stamp of fish rounding out at 39lbs 9oz.

Carp Fishing in France at Alder

Paul Cooper – 26.06

While not pre-empting what will be a great article from Paul and Jim, one of the key points I took from their session was the importance of an adequate supply of bait to keep the carp in the target area. Unlike English lakes, these lakes are not fished week in and week out leaving the 200+ fish easily triggered into a feeding frenzy. Paul and Jim were trickling in 5Kg of boilies, each per day.

Interestingly the previous holder of the individual catch record (Bill Holcombe with 80 carp) also followed the feeding strategy of little and often and got through approx 30Kg of boilies.

You needn’t be worried about spoiling the fishing for the following group, the fish are continuing to feed this week.

Congratulations to Paul and Jim for a great and educational session and well done for the new Alder individual catch record of 100: Paul.

Carp Fishing in France at Alder


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