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A quick Q&A regarding Malvoisine, answered by Shaun Harrison…


Good Evening Shaun I hope alls ok with you and the business. Fine thanks!

I am booked onto Malvoisine next week and after watching the video on Angling Lines website I was wondering if I could pick your brains about the lake in general and answer me a few questions of which I would be very grateful for.  I will list the main questions I would like answering below but any information you feel I would benefit from would be greatly received;

Firstly what is the average depth of the lake and are there shallower or deeper areas?

Seemed pretty uniform in depth – typical French scenario so they can drain easily. Where the outlet sluice is situated is slightly deeper to gather the fish in during draining situations. It was shallow but can’t remember how deep it was to be fair – probably around 4ft.

Are there any known producing spots you could point me towards?

I kept all the rods pretty short all within easy catapult distance. Only fished the one swim.  If you look at the map of Malvoisine on the Angling Lines site I set up on the bottom left hand corner of the mushroom island (for want of a better description).  I kept bait tricking in the channel to my right only around 3 to 4 rod lengths out and a second spot around 30 – 40 yards out to the left into the wider part of the lake.  Both areas produced consistently whilst I was there.  There was no feature – just a flat bottom so I simply kept bait trickling onto the same two spots and within a couple of days the light dust/silt covering which had been there when I started turned to a polished off clean area.

I purposely didn’t fish far out as I find on these featureless shallow waters that by draping a line through the swim a long way usually stops the fish moving and keeps them away from your area.  There are lots of overhanging trees on the far side which looked spot on for a take but I know it would have put the cruising fish on edge so I never bothered trying.  The owners did comment that they had never seen so many fish caught (LOL) Ron Key who was with me adopted similar tactics so the fish were free to keep swimming around without getting spooked with lines.

What is the general state of the lake bottom? (the website says hard silt but was wondering what rough colour it is so I can match end tackle)?  What tactics work well on there as I was going to fish a particle approach and boilie approach on separate rods?

Mud with a fine dusting of silt – not deep silt. The water is pretty coloured due to lots of fish in there. Tackle concealment shouldn’t be an issue just try and avoid tight lines.

They are the main things I would like answering but as I said above if you have the time (as I know you are busy) to give me some more details about the lake then I would really appreciate it.  Thank you very much in advance.

Chris Marlow.

You should have a great time, there were lots of fish and they fell to every bait I tried. Don’t make it difficult for yourself, fish at comfortable ranges and fish just how you would in the U.K. I baited between captures constantly trickling it in. I didn’t use loads of bait just working on a couple of hand full’s of whole and broken boilies after each fish. Definitely don’t ignore the margin. I caught them right next to the bank but found I would mess the swim up after catching one with the disturbance but they will get close.

Hope this helps

Best fishes, Shaun


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