Mas Bas review by The Rangers Fishing Team

After months of planning and preparation it was finally time for me (Steve) to head from Manchester to Bristol to pick up the others. On arrival at Bristol I picked up Andrew (Angler) and Kerry (non-angler) and spent the night at James’ to get a fresh start to head to Dover first thing in the morning. Friday morning arrived and we started loading up the car and roof box, it was like playing Tetris, ensuring everything went in the car the most efficient way to make sure we had enough room, having grown up with Tetris it was pretty easy. We used a 1997 Vauxhall Vectra Estate which was bought specifically for the journey to Mas Bas. This was our 2nd time heading to France and to Mas Bas, the previous year we used a smaller car, which was really cramped, the bigger car made all the difference.

6:30am came and it was time to head to Dover, our ferry wasn’t due until 11:45 so we knew we would have plenty of time to have a rest there and sort out anything else we needed to. About 30 minutes after setting off I jokingly asked if everyone had remembered everything and if James had remembered his brand new expensive rod pod, at which point his face dropped and we had to head back to pick it up, I thought “ok it’s no big deal, we had plenty of time and there had to have been something”…

We got near to Dover at around 11am after some stops on the way and just before the motorway ends we get stuck in traffic for well over 2 hours! We decided to call Angling Lines to let them know we would miss the ferry, the guy we spoke to was very helpful and kind and said it wouldn’t be a problem and he… read the full article here


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