Massive carp catch at Beaurepaire

Beaurepaire in its summer glory

Rob Johnson’s party of 4 anglers has just had a massive catch at Beaurepaire.  They took 121 fish;

  • 90 carp: 1 x 41lb, 3 x 30lb+, 41 x 20lb, the rest doubles
  • 23 cats to 41.12lb
  • 8 x grass carp to 24lb

Here’s what Rob had to say;

“Every tactic worked!  Rahja Spice boilies, tiger nut over partiblend, popped up corn over partiblend, large halibut pellets over smaller pellets.  For all those who suggest this is not a runs water you are wrong. The days were hectic & we bought our rods in at night for some much needed rest!! Lots of fun & a very enjoyable week.”


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