Massive head of huge carp at Laroussi

76lb monster carp at Laroussi

Richard Ward with the current Laroussi record at 76lb

The owner of Laroussi, Mehdi Daho, keeps meticulous records of the carp caught at Laroussi.  He’s just updated us with his stock summary & we thought we’d reproduce it here too because it makes very impressive reading;

There are;

* 350 commons & mirrors

* Lake record is a 76lb mirror

* 4 different 60’s

* 18 different 50’s

* 35 different 40’s

* Grass carp to 52lb

* Koi to 23lb

* Sturgeon (brown backed) to 74lb (the current French record)

* 6 catfish between 69lb and 115lb.

If you’d like to see some photos you can do so here.


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