Molyneux Belated May Report

Wally, Bailiff at Molyneux, fills us in on a busy week at the lake earlier this summer…

A long awaited week was finally with us, our friends Dom and Gemma were visiting for the week as part of the last leg of their European motorhome jaunt.  Firstly as always on a Saturday morning we breakfasted and waved the previous weeks guests off through the gate and onto their journey home. This week we had limited the number of anglers visiting to three, and they soon arrived excited and eager to get started.

Molyneux French Carp Lakes

40.10, Ricky

We welcomed them with a cuppa and a chat about the previous weeks captures which soon fired them up even more.

Rick and Jake were brothers while Jason was a mutual mate. We set off around the lake for a wander and a look round. The fish were on fine form and a few showed  here and there as we wandered round. Ricky and Jason decided to fish the double swim, whilst Jake started his quest from the social 1 swim.  The guys set off for their respective swims.  Helen and I had a quick tidy up and sat ourselves down with a cuppa.

Dom and Gemma arrived a little later, the idea was they were stopping with us for the week to recharge their batteries and for Dom to wet a line and try to tempt one of or big girls to feed.  After a catch up, a few cups of tea and a  good laugh Dom set off for Jack’s swim.

That evening as the guys came to eat Ricky reported an early result, a 28lb mirror falling to his rods around an hour or so after casting out. That evening Jason fishing alongside him landed a 29lb mirror around 10.30pm.  He was then up at 2.30am on Sunday morning to do battle with what turned out to be a 31lb catfish which led him a merry dance. Just after first light Ricky caught the first thirty of the week in the shape of a 32lb mirror.  That evening around 5.15pm he landed the second with a 35lb 2oz mirror.  Dom then added to the tally with a 31lb mirror caught from Jack’s. At 11.45pm Ricky was in again, this time landing a 29lb 7oz mirror.

Molyneux French Carp Lakes

Ricky with another stunner

At 6.30am Jason landed a small 13lb 7oz mirror, just before lunch Ricky landed a 29lb 8oz mirror, on a roll he continued to catch through the day, with a 34lb mirro and a 29lb 2oz mirror before dinner. That evening Jason alongside him caught a 33lb 9oz mirror. The double swim was doing the business and no mistake.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning Ricky landed a 37lb 10oz mirror, whilst Dom in Jacks accounted for a 28lb and 36lb mirrors. The day was relatively quiet until late afternoon, when Ricky caught a 25lb common and a few minutes later Jake in Social 1 landed his first of the week a mirror of 26lb.

At 6.30am Wednesday Ricky landed a corking 42lb 7oz mirror. Lunchtime saw him land another forty this another mirror weighed in at 40lb 10oz. He followed this up at 2.30pm with a 32lb 2oz mirror.  Jake caught another at 4.40pm with a 27lb 8oz mirror, and Ricky caught yet another mirror during the evening at 25lb.

Molyneux French Carp Lakes

42.08, Ricky

From here on in things started to slow down dramatically and it was noticeable that the fish were starting to shoal up in readiness for the annual ritual of spawning.  The early hours of Friday saw Jason land an 18lb 4oz common, and Ricky caught an 18lb common.  The next fish landed was by Jake who had by this time moved into the cabin swim… he finished the week off in fine style with yet another forty, a mirror weighing 40lb exactly.

A good week seemed to be had by all, and it was a real treat to see an old mate in the shape of Dom and of course Gemma.



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