Molyneux continues to amaze… 15 known 40lb+ carp

Richard – 41.12

After such a momentous weeks fishing at Molyneux it seemed only right and proper that I post up a few photos over and above the normal half dozen that accompany the week’s report.

With five new forty pound carp caught it is a very exciting time for Molyneux and this takes the number of known forty pound plus carp to 15.

Amazing really, when you think that just two years ago we had only 2 different forties in the lake. Testament to the quality of the water, and the feeding program we have initiated.

I seriously believe that within two years we will have at least twice the present amount of forty pound plus fish due to the number of very high thirties we are currently seeing coming out.

The potential of the lake is incredible with some gorgeous commons coming through and growing on really quickly, we are seeing so many thirty pound plus commons that we just cant believe it.

This week has also seen the new lake record Grass carp landed, and we are chuffed to bits to see that the grassies are spawning and actually reproducing, as we have had one or two caught smaller than were originally stocked. This is very unusual as they normally only reproduce in rivers or running water of some kind.

James – 40.08

Catfish are growing as only catfish do and in the last two years we have seen the lake record climb from 45lb’s when we arrived to over 60lb’s now. I am constantly removing the smaller cat’s so as not to cause problems with them over running the lake.

For those of you that love a Tinca or two, Molyneux can boast beautiful creatures of up to 10lb 8oz. On the right gear they will give you an incredible amount of fun.

All in all we are very excited at how things are going, and are working extremely hard to make sure it continues in the same vein.

Wally, Molyneux Bailiff

For more info & catch reports follow the link – French carp lakes


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