Molyneux showerblock refurbished and painted inside and out

The last couple of weeks have seen us completely overhaul the showerblock on site here at Molyneux. It is a forty year old building and although in pretty good condition it was showing signs of its age, and general wear and tear.

I was very lucky that I had some help in doing this with Andrew and a French friend Nico who is a builder by trade popping in to help with removing, tidying and replacing some of wooden panels on the exterior. Nico then spent a day re-rendering around them and filling and making good any areas which required it.

Wally looking busy!

Meanwhile my uncle Phil who had come over from the UK to give me a hand, were busy painting the interior of the toilet area and of course the shower room. Once this was finished we started on the outside.

This proved to be a little more difficult than we first imagined for a couple of reasons. The first of which was the amount of cutting in required around the wooden “beams” which give the showerblock it’s character. The major reason though was the heatwave we enjoyed or should I say endured at this time. With the temperature an average of 36degrees in the shade, it meant early starts, working through until lunchtime and then a few hours off during the worst of the heat and then a few more hours graft once it had cooled down again.

The results are incredible, the showerblock looks stunning and will hopefully stand and do us proud for another forty years or so.

French Carp Lakes – Molyneux


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