Molyneux update…ready and waiting to go!

by Bridget Keep

Lake view I was really looking forward to seeing Molyneux again. It’s a lovely setting and the Willow trees around the lake are statuesque & beautiful.

Being not too distant from the ports it was relatively easy to include in 5 day trip to visit and catch up with a few of the venues.

I went out to visit the lake and check with owner Andrew Molyneux on the winters works and plans for 2008.

I arrived shortly after some pretty severe storms, and the winds and heavy rains had wreaked havoc! Several trees were down and Andrew who had just started to breathe easy after all the necessary maintenance was completed was taking a deep breath to get stuck in yet again to prepare everything for the first anglers of the season.


Grass Carp

One of the changes for next year is the chef… Andrew had to prepare the meals for the latter part of the year himself (not his favourite job!) and for the coming season he has arranged for a good local chef to prepare the evening meals freeing up his time.

Weed was an issue across the whole of France last year for many lakes and changes in the regulations of how weed can be treated has posed serious problems for many owners. Many chemical treatments are now outlawed so Andrew has taken the advice of respected fishery consultant and has recently stocked around 75 grass carp from him to tackle the issue.

Looks like 2008 is just ready and waiting to go!


4 thoughts on “Molyneux update…ready and waiting to go!

  1. Colin Galvin says:

    Got back from a weeks fishing at Molynaux, Andy was a fantastic hoast, Fishing was excellent all had some good fish inc Tench / cat /with a very good mix of carp,

    All off us are going to book next year,

    Cheers Andy o yes the Food was brill..hope socks is behaving him self.

    Jay is now a Dad one week after we returned…

  2. tina wyton says:

    Hi any up date on the lake please’ We are due to go out 25 sep 2010. any tip’s on bait thank you xx

  3. Andrew Molyneux, Lake owner says:

    The lake has been fishing well, the carp appear to be beginning to feed up for the winter as the weights are going up after summer.

    Baitcrafts T1 has been the best boilie this year, it’s caught the lake record grass and common carp and just last week the lake record catfish! Fishing over a bed of hemp or pellet has been a good tactic this year. The islands are still fishing but open water has produced alot of fish too, it’s just a case of spending time with a marker float to find the spots, the lake bed feels flat to start with but by popping the marker float up every meter or so it’s surprising what you can find.

  4. tina wyton says:

    Hi andrew. Thank you very much for the info. we cant waite to come, see you on the 25 sep 2010… One of our very good friend’s lee minton fished there he loved the place..and gave some tip’s to us. Regard’s tina XX

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