Mosquito repeller – an essential piece of carp fishing kit!

One peice of none fishing tackle I wouldn’t be without is the amazing Mosquito Repeller. I have had a couple of these for a few years now and must say they reallyare excellent and only cost a few pounds off ebay. I used to suffer very badly by mosquitos but no more.

I’ve used these on very bad mosquito infested places in France such as La Horre and Salagou and they honestly work. Just 2 x AA batterys and they last weeks simply letting out a very high frequency tone which you can hardly hear.

I find that one is enough for the places I have fished in England but I do use two in France and nothing comes in the bivvy. I also think they keep flys away. Very good product I wouldn’t be without.

By Mark Parry


2 thoughts on “Mosquito repeller – an essential piece of carp fishing kit!

  1. robocarp says:

    Ahh was just googling these and came across this. Was having doubts about how well they work. Cheers for the headsup.

  2. Essential beginner carp fishing set-up | Robocarp says:

    […] isn’t required, but certainly useful. I stumbled across this on another blog. Quite simply it emits a high frequency tone that keeps mosquitoes away from your camp. For […]

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