My first trip to France… any advice or tips?

Molyneux French Carp Lake
Molyneux is famous for its large Grass carp
Phil asks;
I’m going to Molyneux for a week for the first time at the end of March.  Any advice on bait, hook lengths, pegs location, or things to take and watch out for.  Will the weather be a problem?  Any assistance greatly appreciated.
Roy Fulton replies;
Spring is always my favourite time of year, everything is waking up after a cold winter and the carp have had six months to forget what a hook is all about. Generally it can be pleasantly warm during the day but as soon as the sun drops it will go cold. I would not specifically target the grass carp and cats as the water temperature should be too low for them to be on the fed.
French carping with Angling Lines
Rigs are best kept simple, the most important thing being a good sized sharp hook, I would use a size 6 and upwards as smaller hooks get no more runs but do pull alot easier due to the carp having soft mouths.
All swims have their day, 12 and 13 being the most popular. Wherever you fish just be careful about the number of rods fishing the islands, too many lines and the fish stop moving around them. Open water, at first, can feel soft and boring but there are features to find but it can take time. Two hours spent with a marker float mapping the swim on the day you arrive will be most important 2 hours of the holiday.
Any good quality boilie will catch, my favourite being Baitcrafts T1. I would also recommend some maize, the fish have been overwintered on maize. I would avoid anything with a high oil content as the water will still be cold.
Kind regards, Roy


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