My Villefond carp session by Steve Pickering

40.14 – Steve’s first 40+ from Villefond

I arrived at Villefond around 8 am Saturday morning. I drove through the gates to find an absolutely beautiful lake. It is a lake of around 8 acres with an island in the middle to break up the pressure from other anglers. On the lake you will find well built swims with bins and ashtrays in every swim. You can drive the whole way round the lake which is a bonus.

The Owners; John, Debbie and Mark are lovely people who both I and my girlfriend got on with very well. They are brilliant hosts and will do all that they can to make your holiday be as good as possible. Not only are they down to earth people they also know how to run a lake. As I’m sure you will find out all the fish are in pristine condition and are continuing to put on a lot of weight, but a healthy weight. You will also meet Caesar the dog. He’s an absolutely stunning dog that has real character. “Born & bred killer… lol.”
The facilities on the lake in my opinion are pukka.

The Caravan; it has a cooker, fridge and room to store clothes. It also has sleeping facilities. It’s deffininitely not the best caravan in the world but for a “drive and survive” angler it is satisfactory.

The Hut; it has a toilet, a sink, a shower and a stand to dry clothes or towels. The shower is more than good enough with hot water and is better than the one I have at home. Both the hut and caravan are kept very clean and tidy.

Now down to the important stuff… the Lake is clay lined with silty areas at the deeper end of the lake. As for which colour hook link and leader to choose from a clay/gravel and silt colour would be the best approach. I feel it is important to keep visibility of line and end tackle to a minimum so flying back leads and fluoro carbon line will help to do this.

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