Netting At Watersmeet

After the season ended in late October the off-season work started right away at Watersmeet. One of the main projects was the netting of the lake, which was done very professionally by Jack and his team at JSfisheries.

When netting a lake you can never expect to find all the fish with around 35% of the lakes population escaping due to carp holes and small snags lifting the net. However a good number of carp were caught which allowed us to see some of the ones that look like they will be hitting impressive weights in the not so distant future.

watersmeet french carp lake

We removed silver fish which came to around 100kg and any carp under 20lb that we managed to net. Even one of the catfish made an appearance.

netting watersmeet french carp lake

The removal of the smaller fish will allow the bigger carp to have more food and generally better water conditions to grow on for our anglers to break their PB’s!


Find out more about the venue here – Carp fishing in France with accommodation at Watersmeet


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