New carp record at Gigantica – 75lb

Barry with The Giant @ 75lb !!

This week’s Gigantica report from Danny Turtle;

WOW, what a week. By far the funniest and amusing weeks fishing and socializing we’ve had all year.

We had the first part of a 2 weeks filming here at Gigantica so only 6 clients but what a bunch of reprobates! All from South London, and weirdly, a few of them supported Millwall?

With the filming underway, we had several swims closed as well, but only 3 anglers to be filmed, so with a total of nine anglers on site, the fishing was fantastic, for nearly all the anglers.

First up, and as usual, we’ll work clockwise round the lake so we will start with ‘Bud’ in ‘Pole’. With fish showing over him for a significant part of the week, no matter what he tried, he just couldn’t connect with the fish ?

The ‘Dove from above’ elected to fish ‘Alcatraz’ and he obviously caught, as he always does……though this time he fished outside his comfort zone and went longer than he was comfortable with. This didn’t stop him as he adjusted quickly and managed 8 fish but unfortunately, lost 5 more.6 x 20z & 2 x 30z to 34.08 the biggest. Mainline New Grange mixed with Cell doing the damage.

Bob in the ‘Beach’. With the fish just beyond him for most of the week, it proved to be a frustrating week for Bob, who did manage to work his way through several pairs of socks, entertaining himself at night !??!

Next up, Bobby in ‘Tree line’. Not his first choice of swim, but when he wasn’t up in the social area trying to chat me up, he angled well, and was rewarded with a couple of nice 30+ fish and a few loses, from a difficult weeks fishing in that swim, good skills.

DF in ‘Co’s Point’ managed a dry week, in terms of the bed wetting scenario of the last session, but clubbed em on the fishing front. A double, 7 x 20z, 5 x 30x to 39.08 common, topped by ‘bottom lobe’ @ 46.06. Weirdly, Dan was the last person to catch ‘Bottom lobe’ almost 3 years ago !

Gary in ‘Stink’ didn’t do too badly……4 fish topped with the might ‘Galactica’ at a new high weight and another new 50+ for us. At 50.08, a PB for Gary.

All through this year, Alamo has had a residence of fish, just sitting out beyond the main feeding area. A few have managed to get in amongst them and nab a few but the swim just hasn’t delivered as Id of expected……………until now !

Barry & Deano doubled up in there and they gave it to them from the very first night. A double and a couple of 20z filled in the gaps when they weren’t hauling big fish. Two time @ 46, The Freak @ 43.08, Snags linear @ 42, Smiling fish @ 43.10 with the impressive Gut bucket at a new high @ 56 topped by The Giant @ 75 for Barry. What a week !

Not forgetting Penning, Adam fished every other swim on the lake at some time, lol, seriously, it came right for Adam near the end of the week when he banked, what we believe to be a new 40+ common at 42lb.

So a great weeks filming, and even better fishing. But I have to say, the social and the banter was even better than the fishing, one of the best weeks we’ve had all year, very very funny guys with a great sense of humour, and all, apart from Bobby, good anglers ;0)

Can’t wait to see these guys back again, as its weeks like this that make my job such a pleasure.

Well done lads, hope to see you again sometime soon.

As usual, be safe, be lucky.



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