New lake carp record at Bletiere


The Bletiere record was broken recently with this 43.10 mirror.  Over to owner John London to tell the story;

” This week (w/c 23rd Oct) our guests are Darran and his son Jamie and his friend Jack.  Darran is not as big on carp fishing as the two boys are, but he likes his fishing.  Darran asked if I could sit with him for a few hours and help him with his carp fishing skills and try to beat his 12lb pb, which of course I was happy to do.

Once we had the rods out we only had an hour to wait before Darran had his first run and that turned out to be a 32 lb 8oz mirror… what a happy angler… first fish and his pb smashed!

We recast his rod and sat talking about fishing and within an hour the same rod went off and it turned out to be a new lake record at 43lb 10oz and of course smashed his pb again.

We had a couple of knocks and when the rain started we decided to call it a day, but what a happy man Darran is!  It’s always nice to see our guests going back with new pbs.

Well done Darran for the new pb and lake record,

Tight lines, John”


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