New Lake Record at Golden Oak – 59.07!!

Jef Pieters & The Boss  – 59lbs 7ozs

What  a great week for  Mario & Jef  Pieters. After a long drive from Holland and a good nights sleep they set up their rods and got down to the business of catching fish here at Golden Oak .

The conditions were les than perfect, we had had 5” of rain in 2 weeks, but the weather improved throughout the week, but still it tested their skills to the full.

Fishing a prebaited area, using Dicks special parti mix, hemp, pellets, & crushed Ghurkka Spice boilies

Jef kicked off with a lovely mirror that weighed in at 33.13 and continued to land a selection of very fit & active mirrors daily.

Carp fishing

Mario Pieters with a fiesty mirror – 33lbs 9oz

Meanwhile Mario was ready to take on the challenge, landing mirrors between 30.09 to 33.09. They both used Ghurkka Spice Boilies & pop ups – no doubt about it, the fish love it!

It had been a good week & they decided to get in a couple of hours in before leaving on Saturday morning – however, nothing however could have prepared Jef for his final catch.

The alarm went off, he grabbed the rod, and battle commenced! It took him all over the place, but stayed deep, you just knew it was going to be good! It was a well fought match lasting over 5 minutes, but Jefs skill triumphed in the end and….

THE  BOSS was landed…..and weighed in at 59lbs 7ozs! OK she was carrying some spawn but still – what a magnificent carp! FANTASTIC!!

Grandpa also deserves a very special mention, he caught over 100 fish, perch, roach on pumpkin seeds, & oh yes, a frog! The bank was immaculate, thank you so much, Grandpa!

Fishing Holidays at Golden Oak


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