No April Fool – It’s The Record Catfish!

Around 160lb

The Laroussi lake record catfish came out yesterday, April 1st.  Of course we couldn’t have let you know yesterday or you would have thought we were just fooling around!

Matthew Parker has landed the Laroussi Monster which has remained uncaught (or should we say unlanded since its been hooked & lost several times we suspect) for years.

It was an epic fight of 1hour 20 minutes. His friend, David Nuttal, was standing in the lake ready to net the fish but he made a quick exit back to the bank when he saw the size of the monster coming towards him!

It was impossible for the guys to weigh because it was too long and their scales only went up to 120lb.  However, using internationally accepted tables to estimate weight based on length (the cat was 2.30m long) it comes out between between 70 and 80kg depending the width of the body.

So that means it’s a new lake record catfish for Laroussi, with the weight  between 154lb and 176lb.

The cat was caught from the Pointe swim, around 40m out.

Well done to Matthew and good luck for the rest of the week.

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