Non-stop carp action at Alder

Our second week fishing (w/c 14th Aug ’11) was at Alder, a 6 hour drive from Fishabil, edging down to central France towards Bordeaux region. Luckily it was all motorway and after a stop off or two we soon approached the lake.  What a lake it was surrounded by woods for as far as you could see, and so peaceful. Overlooking the lake there was a field with lama’s which you don’t see very often!

Carp fishing in France at AlderSo far very happy all we needed to do is get the rods out. We soon chose our swims and started to set up all the gear which was still wet from the other lake, but it soon dried out in the sun as it was hitting 27c. My first rod I put out was on my chod set up which I’ve been playing with over the last month and after a few tweaks it was performing well with a Garlic and black pepper pop-up screwed into a bore ring. I scattered about 100 16mm squid and liver gulp boiles around and was just about to cast the other rod when the chod screamed off. One hour into the session, tired from the journey but over the moon to have that 1st fish in the bank and a 28lb mirror at that.

Later as the sun was going down and looking forward to a good night’s sleep my rods screamed of again. I managed to bank two more high 20lbers.  Stephen started to catch up as well through the night, next morning we had banked 9 fish between us; this was mad as we had just had the same kind of action the week before.

It was time to pull our rods in and venture down for some supplies. After finding the super market and chilling out for a bit it was time to head back and get breakfast on the go. Eating warm pain au chocolate and fresh coffee on the bank to start; as I cooked up some fresh duck eggs with smoked salmon and topped with black truffles, not your average carpers pot noodles.

Rod outs gulp scattered, time to sit down and sunbath as the temperature was hitting 28oc. My chod rattled off again then my second rod went and then Stephens rod went as well thank god we had brought a couple of landing nets, as Stephen was playing his fish I manage to put one in the net as I played the second one, after a good 20 minutes we had 2 upper 20’s on the bank and my first 30lber as well. It was like Fishabil all over again. After a few photos and video it was time to put them back when my third rod screamed off, this was a harder fight, so I jumped in the lake up to my waist. The bottom was gravel and flat ideal for playing fish, and it was a lot easier to land them too.

As the carp went into the net it looked a bigger fish, but upon weighing it the scales went to 29lb but it was a long framed fish.

Back she went, all my rods had to be set up, this was mad, first a nice drink of coffee and then get set up, well this was my plan when Stephen was into a fish, we soon photo’d Stephen fish a nice26lb mirror. Later that day we banked 6 more fish, Stephen was getting most of his fish at night, and I would get them first thing and through the day. With over 40 fish in the net by Wednesday, it looked like the rest of the week would be full on action.

Friday soon came round and the weather was getting hotter Chris had told us that there was a mini heat wave coming over later today with temperatures hitting 31oc. This would definitely impact upon the fishing. I had a walk around the lake looking for any nice bits to complement my fresh duck for the filming of cooking on the Bank later that day. Well the heat wave hit us, it was too hot to move around in the sun so we sat in the shade sipping French beer, when I had 2 rods go off and as I was playing them the 3rd rod screamed off. Stephen started to run to help me when one of his screamed off as well. After a lot of  playing the fish all our nets were full, 4 more fish on the bank, what a week we were having and still 1 day to go.

Well Saturday was here and Stephen started to pack all his gear away for the last day and chill out. I had a different idea; I set all my rods up on my pod pointing up in the air.  I placed all my rods in different areas of the lake with 20 gulp boiles over the top, and waited. The sun was shining down on us with a tempeture over 31oc when my first rod screamed off, I knew I was going to have some action today so I Said to Stephen I will have 10 carp out today just watch and see. Well the action just keep coming and coming, I had 3 triple takes a landed them all and ended up with 10 carp and lost 2 all within 4 hours.

Well we never knew it was going to be this good. After totalling up the amount of carp for the week which came to 78 in total, not bad for a week’s fish.

Our filming at Alder Lake (part 1 & part 2) plus Cooking on the Bank are here.

Tight Lines, Scott


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