November News from Golden Oak

Well what a wonderful year it’s been!

We were lucky enough to meet so many lovely people who chose to spend their holiday here at Golden Oak . As well as the fishermen, so many wives, girlfriends and beautifully behaved children(the goats are still overweight!).

We thank you all, it has been so much fun meeting you & we have enjoyed every minute.

And now for a crayfish update……………

Dick continues to keep the traps baited, but we have had hardly any in the last few months, great success, but we can’t become complacent, so we will continue with this regime. Our neighbours are quite upset, no more crayfish suppers.  I have to admit that I am not a fan, but the locals loved them. When we first started trapping them, Dick was catching a couple of hundred a week! This only lasted for two weeks, the numbers diminishing steadily as the weeks went by. Last weeks total was 9! Some weeks we are getting less, but the traps are waiting for them!

Although we close through the winter, it is a really busy time for Dick and I. We spend our days clearing the banks, cutting back vegetation and having huge bonfires! There is a lot of maintenance to be carried out, and nothing can compare with a welly full of water in November! Yes, he (who must be obeyed) gets the waders.

Time passes very quickly, there are always animals to look after and of course the fish to feed, I think Dick is going into competition with me when it comes to cooking, his parti mix is quite superb! When it is cold, it is lovely to disappear into the kitchen, with the log fire burning( so much better than TV).  After buying a large section of cow, I am busy making beef & onion pies, pasties, stews etc. There is something wonderful about beef that spends the first two days in red wine!


We will be restocking the lake again this winter, more news on this soon, watch this space!

Fishing holidays at Golden Oak


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