Off-set Carp Hooks – Are They More Effective?


Hi Shaun,

Nowadays all carp hooks are straight pointed but after purchasing some of these Smart point hooks that you use I see that the point is twisted off centre, not exactly sure what the techincal term for it is!  What is the difference between these hooks, does it affect the fishing?


Hi Tom,

Slightly twisted off-set point of the SP310

The technical term for this is off-set. You see less and less hooks these days with an off-set bend although it used to be very common. The pattern I use has an offset bend and I simply feel it gives another tiny problem for the fish. If they are moving very slowly such as winter time the point which due to the weight will be on the bottom of the mouth can nick that little bit easier.

Normal feeding I don’t think it makes an awful lot of difference but for those real difficult times every extra 1/2 a percent you can put in your favour can add another fish to your seasons tally.

Best fishes

This article first appeared on the Quest Baits Blog& is reproduced with kind permission


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