Our Top 5 Carpy Videos

We built quite a collection of videos from our carp fishing trips to the lakes in the past 12 months, here’s our top 5…

1. Carl & Alex go to Holly Pools

We sent Carl and Alex to Holly Pools this April for a week carp fishing in France at a totally private complex of three shady lakes surrounding a gite. Their film is a lot of fun and well worth a watch…


2. The Big Stocking at Brie

Back in January Brie received some pretty impressive carp, part of a top-up stocking that consisted of 3 x forties, 1 x mid-fifty and 2 x fifty pound grass carp. We were there to get it all on film and the big common at the end is truly stunning.

3. A Trip to Molyneux

David and Heather escape the Angling Lines office for a week in June to travel out to the beautiful Molyneux in pursuit of carp, here’s a glimpse of their time there.


4. The Beaurepaire Inflight

We filmed ‘Inflights’ at almost all our lakes last August – this was a set of short videos designed to give you a real taster of each venue’s layout and lake features. Here’s Beaurepaires Inflight, the day was sunny with very little wind, which made getting those steady shots MUCH easier…

5. A 50lb’er at Nautica

Short but sweet, this customer filmed clip shows just how big these 50lb+ carp are!

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