Pat Gillett

Angling experience;

Around 40 years now – since I was 5 years of age.

large pike fishing

25lb 8oz

Favourite UK water;

Really very varied from the Church Pool and Lady Barbara’s pools on the Patshull Estate (early 1980’s onwards) to the many rivers I now fish (Severn, Dove, Upper Trent, Warwickshire Avon and Derwent) and a lowly stocked 200 acre pit that I still keep my ticket for.

Most memorable capture;

A 32lb Common which I stalked on a lowly stocked 200 acre pit (only about 60 carp present), which I believe is still the biggest carp caught by design from that venue. Also a 55lb 4oz French mirror caught from a lowly stocked venue of around 25 acres (I believe there were around 120 carp in there at the time), this was also a lake record.

Large carp in France

55lb 4oz

Favourite tactics/methods;

Again these are many and varied because of the all round nature of my angling.

Best Tips; 

Always do your own thing! Try and keep your tackle to a minimum so you can be mobile and up sticks as soon as you need to. Five minutes in the right spot is better than five days in the wrong one!

If there was one piece of advice you could offer to a first time French carp angler what would it be?

When you arrive at the venue take it slowly, very often you will be really tired after the journey so use these hours for plumbing and feature finding and then have a good sleep on the first night, without fishing. You will be nice and fresh to start the following day and will not have made any of the mistakes that tiredness can cause. Secondly when you start fishing don’t pile the bait in. Build your swim up steadily through the week and you will generally find that your catch rates improve as the week goes on!

large barbel fishing

16lb 7oz Barbel



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  1. claire says:

    any advice welcome – my partner is fishing within a group of 6 at Beaurepaire until Sat. Until today, Wed, there has only been 4 carp out of the same swim – hence to say they are all a bit down in the dumps at the fishing. Having spoken to one of the owners this morning, she informed them that this time of year all the carp seem to stay in the one area! have you found this at all, and do you have any tips or advice? TIA

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