Patience Pays Off at Laroussi

Here’s some feedback from Royston Butwell after a trip to Laroussi this month…

Details of your groups catches: 57lb 8oz mirror, 40lb 6oz mirror, 55lb 2oz sturgeon, 37lb mirror, 46lb 08oz mirror (3rd fish out on a zig ever), 17lb common, 18lb common.

Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Zigs, little and often approach, fish would not respond to larger beds of bait and were very riggy. Monster squid, cell, in fact most boilies should work well, be aware too much pellet will attract the big cats and sturgeon.

Monster Carp at Laroussi Carp Fishing in France


General comments: Its was a very hard week, with the weather changing to very hot the day we arrived and was 35+deg most days.

All 8 anglers were good experienced carp fishermen, we tried every trick in the book and some to try and temp the fish but they had more on their minds with the grass carp spawning the main head of the fish where congregating around the spawning area and not interested in feeding. They are very riggy fish, so dont expect it to be a runs water! Listen to medhi, he is a fantastic guy, very helpful and will explain what the best areas are on your swim. Don’t pile the bait in, fish little and often. Too much pellet will attract the cats and sturgeon.

The village is quite close to the lake (5 min away) and has an 8 till late store, Le Mans is not too far either (15 min) and has plenty of large shopping facilities, fuel etc.

All in all a brilliant venue, very clean english looking lake but with some mahoosive fish, i will definitely be going back. Thank you Medhi, thank you Angling Lines!

Monster Carp at Laroussi Carp Fishing in France

Carl Sharp

For more information and feedback from Laroussi follow the link – Carp Fishing in France


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