Angler’s Questions Answered at Malvoisine

Shaun Harrison offers some advice for an angler heading to 17 acre Malvoisine, an unusual lake where you fish from a two acre “island”…

Angler: I have a trip planned to Malvosine and was hoping to get some advise please? e.g whats the bottom like do we need short/long links, specific rigs etc etc?

Shaun: It was July 2008 I went to Malvoisine and back then there wasn’t any weed. Might be worth checking with Angling Lines to see if that has altered at all. It was typical of a lot of French fisheries being very shallow and basically a clay/silt type bottom. I simply fished with my conventional length hook links around 8″.

carp lakes in France malvoisine

Shaun with a Malvoisine mirror

The main thing on a place like that is simply keeping your lines out of the way of them and to keep rods short so they can pass with confidence without bumping into a wall of lines. I think the maximum range I fished was probably about 30 yards using my almost standard overseas tactics of 10 mm boilies (they see so few of these and it keeps them rooting around longer). I did have fish right next to the bank as well, didn’t see them there but was catching them there as they sneaked by.

The rigs I used were the same as I have used most places for the past 15 years or so working on not fixing things until they break. Here is a link to the rig I still use to this day – Tying the Combi Rig. Sometimes I vary the hook and sometimes fish it in reverse (with the soft part being the main part when fishing over soft weed).

Angler: You read so much feedback from Malvoisine suggesting it’s bait boat to far margin. I really don’t want to do that. Much rather fish comfortable distance, cast and bait.

carp lakes in France malvoisine

A view from the island

Shaun: Once you drape a line all the way across shallow water the carp move out the way and don’t pass through. It was the same at Remy, everyone seemed to think you needed to be on the far side but that was only because that was where people pushed the fish to. I caught close there on the two trips I made. Problem occurs if you have people close either side putting long lines out, it messes it up for you sat in the middle but even so often when fishing the far margin the anglers will have quite tight lines, so there will be a motorway free of lines from the margins and out to where their lines enter the water. If they don’t have tight lines I encourage them to as they are realistically going to get mostly drop back bites.

For what it is worth I fished the top left on the mushroom island (see a lake map here) which gave me a fair bit of clutter free water. The far margin screamed carp but I resisted and caught them from under a bush to my right and as I said around 30 yards out to the left with my middle rod at half the distance. Basically baiting a diagonal line between the baits to intercept as many fish as possible.

For more information on Malvoisine follow the link – French Carp Lakes


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