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An interview with Joe Morgan, avid carp angler and presenter of the popular monthly release Carp TV. Matthew Fleet from the Carp Marathon asks the questions…

 I have been a big admirer of Joe, his angling and his presenting skills, for some time now. So when this opportunity became available I grabbed the chance with both hands.

I hope that you enjoy reading this interview as much as I have enjoyed asking Joe the questions and putting it together. Matt.

So then Joe, when did it all begin?  Where was the first place that you wet a line?

The first place I wet a line was on Snake Pit when I was 3 or 4 years old. My dad took me with his friend. We caught some decent sized roach and perch. That was enough to spark a passion that I still hold today.

Carp fishing goes from strength to strength each year. Like myself, you target big carp, did you just follow the trend?

It was a natural progression for me. There was a small syndicate lake in my village, I would often sit with the anglers and pick their brains. Close friends of mine donated unused carp tackle and kitted me out. They took me to layer pits and showed me the basics of big carp fishing. From then on I’ve been hooked on big carp angling!

You’re the face of the excellent Carp TV, how did this opportunity come about?

Being honest, I’d had enough of the travelling with my current job, then suddenly a new monthly DVD appears in my area and a carp angler and full time presenter is needed. 6 years on, I’m still here and Carp TV is still going strong. It’s viewable online and 100% Carp TV with very little advertising.

Joe Morgan Carp Angler Interview

Joe in action on Carp TV

 I have no idea how many of the big names you have interviewed over the years for Carp TV. Putting you on the spot, who was your favourite and most interesting?

Terry Hearn is always very interesting to listen to, his passion is infectious. You can never fail to walk away from him at the end of the day without wanting to get the rods out, he tells a great story. Adam Penning and Terry Dempsey are others. One thing in common is their enthusiasm and passion!

Getting your hands on the latest products to review on Carp TV, how do you see the industry as a whole? Is tackle becoming more advanced year upon year?

There is no doubt that tackle is becoming more efficient, but as far as products increasing catch rates, I don’t see any revolutionary items. In my opinion, the two major improvements in tackle have been sharper hooks and hook sharpeners. Regards bait, I’m not sure bait can get any better. Take Mainline and the “Cell”, in general how can those bait stats be improved on? Though I’m happy to be proved wrong!

What product would you say, during your time on Carp TV, has left you with the WOW factor?

It’s probably more of a WOW factor in the essence of “Wow, how can people believe such bullshit?”. When it’s advertised that a bite alarm will catch you more fish than others… behave!

Can you tell me, and everyone reading this interview, more about your personal angling?

It’s pretty mad really, Snake Pit was the first place I wet a line, 27 years later I’m still here. In the early days I was fishing for the small carp which had been stocked, now the carp are in the stamp of forty pounds plus.

It came to my knowledge that someone had slipped a forty into the pit from the river (in the early days). The carp was named Dippy, news broke out and it got caught the following year. I set my heart on capturing it and one summer morning I was convinced that I lost it.

I’ve worked in France and was a bailiff for the well known Dream Lakes complex. The following year I went to Thailand where sadly I ruptured my spleen which resulted in a lengthy spell off work and less time on the bank. A month after full recovery, on my 20th birthday, I bagged Dippy at a healthy 45lb.

Do you have a memorable capture Joe?

 The Spitfire springs to mind, not so much of the time and the effort that I put in to catch that carp, but more regards the venue and its surroundings. Such an incredible and immaculate carp, there is not one blemish on it!

Joe Morgan Carp Angler Interview

Joe with the stunning wood common from the Spitfire Lake


Beatles or Rolling Stones?  Beatles

Green or camo?  Green

Boilies or particles?  Particles in summer, boilies the rest of the year.

Stainless or carbon?  Jag Prolite!

Semi fixed or running set up?  Semi fixed running inline.

Sticks or pods?  Pods are for nods!

Favourite biscuit?  Foxes Double Chunky Chocolate “Bad Boys”.

Boredom on the bank?  Mobile

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