Earlier this year Paul Cooper was in conversation with an angler who was travelling out to fish Alder in September. We thought the information passed on would be worth sharing… 

Hi *****

I will try and go into as much detail as possible to make your week a productive one;

Alder Lake

french carp fishing holidays at Alder Lake

Alder, a 10 acre lake with carp to 58lb

Alder Lake can certainly produce the goods. You will find the owners very down to earth and lovely people – they will go out of their way to be as friendly and helpful as possible.

The lake is set in the valley below the hosts residence, so you will have total peace and quiet for the week, with the exception of the sound of your buzzers. This the only lake that I have fished where I have achieved over 100 carp in a week, and that was without fishing most nights.

September is probably the best time of the year to get the carp on the feed so take plenty of bait. I think that I got through around 40 kilos of boilie altogether and my friend and colleague, Jim Kelly about 35 kilo. We actually ran out on the last day so I packed up early evening of the Friday prior to our departure.

The Swims

I take it that you will be requiring a social week with your mate, so my preference of swims would be both of you fishing off the dam wall.

When I fished the lake with Jim, I started off by fishing the West bank, opposite the point that separates the bays. I used a throwing stick and spomb to get out my bait right in front of the point. The lake bed here is very firm as a result of feeding fish and the feeding area goes out about 3 to 4 metres into the lake. 2 rods can be placed on this spot. The next spot to locate is about 3 metres short of the tree line in the bay to your right. Lots of carp get in this bay. Again I used the throwing stick and spomb to get my boilies out.

alder carp lake map

Alder’s lake map, with swims and facilities marked

The first 24 hours on this swim produced around 25 carp for me. Jim, who was fishing on the dam saw the action that I was having and moved right opposite to me on the far bank which stopped the fishing. I think that I was picking up carp from out of the other bay as they were coming around the point. As soon as I realised what was happening I moved to the left hand side of the dam and decided to fish just off the margins down the East bank. I found a good firm area about 5 metres out into the lake from the east bank which was a 90 metre cast from the dam. I could easily catapult my bait out from the east bank onto the area without any problem. All my 3 rods were cast to my new baited area and it was once again none stop action. Jim moved back onto the right of the dam and also started to pick up fish.

Following each capture I was catapulting around half a kilo of boilies back onto my baited area so you can see how I quickly ran out. As I approached Thursday I was having to ration my bait to make it last. I rested my swim at night, recasting at first light the next day to ensure a good nights sleep.


We both took with us an assortment from Quality Baits. I had HG42, HG47 and Patshull Park Squid and orange and Jim had HG42. I would recommend that you take 18mils of your chosen bait as there are a lot of roach that peck away at the boilies. I ended up armo meshing my bottom baits for this reason but it did not effect the fishing at all.

The Fish

french carp fishing holidays at Alder Lake

One of Paul’s captures

Alder lake has been stocked with triploid carp. These carp are sterile; they are produced by giving the fertilised eggs a heat shock which produces an extra chromosome. They have three chromosomes (triploid) instead of the normal two (diploid), so there is never a problem with spawning and weight loss. You can go and fish the lake with confidence when other carp have sex on their agenda. I know you are going to the lake in September but these fish do keep their weight all through the summer, unlike other lakes where the fish have spawned.

Since I last fished Alder, anglers are now piling in the bait and as a result all the fish continue to gain weight so it has an even more impressive stock. They do love their food, so take plenty in the form of boilies and keep them interested in just one feeding table so as not to spread the fish around the lake.


The rigs that I used when I was on Alder lake were either the Blow-back rig or the Ultimate Pop up rig. You can watch the videos the Angling Lines web site or just click on the links that I have attached for you. I use the Blow-back rig for all my bottom baits and the Ultimate pop up rig for pop ups.

Paul Cooper

For more information on Alder follow the link – Carp Fishing in France


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