Looking for a big carp venue for my 2009 trip…

Mike wrote:

Looking for a new venue for a 2009 trip.  Needs to have a good head of fish above 50lb (PB) and a good head of 40’s, 30’s etc and not many below that sort of weight.  Any suggestions?

Cheers Mike

Margot’s big commonHi Mike,

Thanks for your query. 2009 is a fair way off so you’ll pretty much be able to take your pick of the venues we have on offer.

Firstly I’d say check out the brochure and internet site carefully to draw up a short list of the type of venue you are looking for.

You mention fish size, but you don’t stipulate any other criteria. How far do you want to travel? What size venue do you require? How many anglers will be in your party? Do you want an exclusive lake? Do you want a food package?

As you can see there are lots of questions to be answered before I can give you a detailed reply.

Once you have drawn up a short list of the lakes that take your fancy, pop the Angling Lines DVD in your player and look at the video clips from these lakes.

I have spent a long time over the last few years shooting films that try to capture the atmosphere of the lakes. I often interview the anglers on the bank too, so you can get first hand opinions on the fishing.

All the lakes we do have the maximum size of fish quoted, so this will give you a place to start. If I was pushed to list a couple of venues with a good head of fish over 30lb….In no particular order, I’d pick:

  1. Laroussi – Fifteen acre gravel pit that has produced six different fifties. Lake record stands at 69lb+
  2. Margot –  Famous ten acre lake, with very large head of carp, numerous thirties and forties with the biggest carp a common that was just under 60lb on its last capture.

These venues would be where I’d start to look. There are others that might take your fancy also, but the short list presented should give you food for thought.


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