Do you have any tips for fishing Malvoisine?


Alan Smith wrote;

I am taking my son with me to Malvoisine and was interested to find out if the fish are not all caught by fishing to the far bank as he`s not the best caster in the world and we don’t have a baitboat.  I was hoping to bait an open water area no more than 40 metres out for him.  Any advice? 

Hi Alan,

Malvoisine is a large water and has so far received very little pressure. There is a good head of fish and previous groups have had over 100 fish in a week.

While the far margin is a good spot, and in some areas of the lake it is not very far away, Shaun Harrison had a good number of his fish fishing at around the range you are suggesting.

The lake was drained last winter and a number of the nuisance species removed, however I would go easy on the particles initially until you get an idea of how many bream etc are left in the lake.

During Shauns trip, before the netting, they were a real nuisance when particles were introduced. The technique then was boilies over boilies fished at comfortable catapult range.

This technique was very successful for Shaun, particularly with his Quest boilies, which proved far more productive than other brands.

I would therefore suggest you employ the same tactics, ie: pick a suitable target on the far margin and bait at catapult range with boilies. You might try particles and pellets on one rod to start with to see if it produces more takes.

You can read the article on Shauns Malvoisine trip here.

Hope this helps,
Regards, Gareth


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