Carp Fishing Tips for Mas Bas

James Derbyshire wrote:

I am booked on Mas Bas main lake at the end of July.  I am the only person fishing (my wife will be sunbathing!). I’m starting to think about getting myself sorted out for the trip and am wondering how much bait (and what baits) I should be taking with me for a week. There is no mention of the fish stock, other than the presence of silver fish.

With silver fish, are pellets out of the question?

I would normally take some maize, hemp, pellet, vitalin and boilies. I think growlers are not allowed on the lake?

Is there anything I’ve overlooked, or should not even bother taking?

Is there a bait freezer on site?

The Quest Baits available – are they in France already, available from the owner, or should I order and take myself?

Also, I believe that there is a “going rig” at the lake – big hooks and heavy leads. Is this correct?

Any other tips would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.

Hi James,

I think you’ll love Mas Bas it is a superb venue and you really feel like you are in the south of France. Don’t miss the market in Laroque, the one I shot in the video, it is very colourful.
There is quite a lot of info on Mas Bas both on the Angling Lines site and this blog. I’d suggest you go through this first off to get an idea.

Regarding the fish, Gilles gives an idea in the video of the stocking. You might want to get in touch with him to have a better idea. As far as silver fish go we didn’t have a problem using pellets.

Baitwise, you seem to have covered all the bases with your choice. I would probably add a seed mix as I like to use this instead of straight hemp. Something like the Quest Garlic Feast would be my choice.

There are freezer facilities near the lake and each house has a limited amount of freezer space. Ask Gilles and he will look after this for you.

The venue does stock Quest Baits, so these will be available in France for you. I is a good idea to contact the lake to make sure he has enough in stock. Here is a list of what the stock:
Quest Baits: Fruity Trifle, Smokey Fish, Rahja Spice. Frozen. 20mm. 5kg bags. Dips to match.

Prices as per Quest price list –
Other items:
Hemp cooked…… 12e / 5kg, 3.5e / 1kg
Maize cooked…… 13e / 5kg
Tigers cooked…… 5e / 1kg
Trout pellets…… 13e / 5kg

In the video Gilles mentions his preference for big hooks and heavy leads, this is not the only method that will work. Personally I would try what you are confident with. There are a fair amount of lilies in the lakes so I would suggest stout line and even if you drop hook size get a strong pattern model. I like the Drennan Continental boilie hook as a good strong model.

Hope you have a great trip.


One thought on “Carp Fishing Tips for Mas Bas

  1. Brie says:

    I found the Rahja very effective when I went to this venue, more so than the smokey fish. Best spots were off the old bridge ( think that has gone now) and between there and a green and red tree further along the bank and always close up to the edge of the lillies nor weed. Lost several carp though… as had to fish some distance out from the house off the lillies due to the noise from the family. The carp moved down to the bottom end but teenagers will be loud. Hopefully if there is just the two of you you will get them closer in.
    loved the place and hopefully trying to get back again later this year. PS when I finaly gave in and used Gilles size hooks… we caught! instead of losing them. Had most action late at night but some during the day.

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