Tips for Ribiere

Ian Sweenie wrote:

I’m booked on Ribiere in early May any advice or tips would be appreciated as I’ve been told that they have a lot of crays in there.

Hi Ian,

I’ve fish Ribière on a couple of occasions both early and later in the year and have never been troubled by Crayfish. When I shot the lake video a few years back there were quite a few anglers on the venue and none appeared to have any problem.

The lake is fairly rich in underwater features for this type of lake (ie a dammed stream). You will no doubt have read about the sunken bridge, which while it remains a magnet for the carp obviously is a formidable snag.

I was speaking to one of my French friends this week who fishes there regularly. He has found that the fish move more and more on the far margin. This seems logical as most of the old pegs on the far bank have been closed. Carp naturally move away from pressure. I personally would place my lines in this region. It is probably around 100-160 yards in most places.

I saw the lake empty and basically you have a stream that runs down the centre, dammed at the road end. The sunken bridge is about two thirds of the way down towards the road, half way out.

The venue has had good quality baits applied for a number of years. I used to supply him with Mainline, and more recently he has been supplying Quest Baits. He stocks several of the flavours. I would therefore recommend a good boilie and particle, used in spots. With the pressure it has received I’d avoid going in with heavy baiting from the off.

The lake holds some very good fish, I would suspect it is somewhat harder now than my last trip, where I landed some cracking carp to 37lb.

Best Regards


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