Repelling Nasty Little Blood Suckers

I have spent a lot of time this season fishing very short sessions on the river for barbel and some of these evenings in real over grown swims have seen swarms of mozzies and midges all wanting a bit of the Harrison blood.

Now I am quite attached to my blood and don’t really want to waste it, besides I tend to react quite badly and I’m not disciplined enough to stop myself scratching bites which obviously makes things worse.  Lots of anglers carry those spiral Mosquito coil type things around with them but for me I always end up with a bad throat after breathing these in for a period and to be fair I find them quite bulky and they leave a large area of ash wherever they are used.

Small tube holds more than enough and they weigh next to nothing

Myself I have always carried Joss Sticks/Incense Sticks around with me. They do the same job keeping the biting monsters away, smell pleasant if you choose one to your taste, can be brought for peanuts (just had another parcel drop through the door with 80 in there for £2.10) they are very light and don’t bulk out your kit.

I don’t see others using them so thought this may be a useful little tip for you. Personally I always try and avoid any lotions and potions when angling. These secret little swims I have been fishing I’m not leaving the tell tale circle of ash behind to give the game away. They can be used on a holder as per the picture to catch the ash or simply push a few into the ground around your chair – the ash from these is minimal.

Best fishes
Shaun Harrison

Courtesy of the Quest Baits Blog


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