Report on weed and fishing since re-opening Molyneux

Indian Summer at Molyneux

We have now been re-open since the end of August a little over four weeks and I thought it prudent to report on the weed situation as I would hate the fact that we had a problem this year to put off prospective guests to the lake from booking next year.

I can almost positively assure everybody the weed problem we encountered this year at Molyneux  was a one off. The lake has suffered from small areas of weed in the past, in specific areas. This has never caused the lake to close, nor any swims to be unavailable to fish. It normally occurs on a four year cycle, and lasts for approx eight weeks before dying back completely.

It is an unusual weed, one that I have never encountered before. It came from absolutely nowhere following a very hot sunny period during May and June when the water level dropped. One week there was no sign at all, then the following week it literally exploded and put Jacks swim out of commission. Over the next week or two the rest of the lake quickly became affected at such a speed we were powerless to do anything about it.

Thankfully it has died and cleared as quickly as it appeared and each and every day over the last few weeks there has been less and less. At this moment in time, all swims are now re-open and fishable without any problem apart from Jacks swim which I have left closed as a precaution due to it being shallow water in front of it, and patches of weed still visible when drifting across in the boat.

We at Molyneux were extremely honest with all of the anglers booked on and did not try to hide the problem, we kept all customers informed via telephone or email leading up to their trip, and when we took the decision as anglers ourselves that the weed was a serious issue and decided very sadly to close the lake to guests to give us a chance to clear it. We did so purely with Anglers in mind. No customers lost their holiday as Angling Lines worked hard to relocate each and every one to an alternative lake of their choice.

In the five weeks since we re-opened we have enjoyed a very good September anglers visiting during this time.  Between them they have caught a total of 112 fish, including Carp, Grass Carp and Catfish. Of those 43 have been thirties, and 5 have been forties. A very good average weight and all fish are in Stunning Condition.

The weed is not a problem we expect to see back at the lake during the remainder of our tenure, and I hope I have gone some way to reassure all those thinking of visiting us next year that whatever happens your holiday is safe. We are anglers, and we are totally honest in all our dealings. If there is the slightest hint of a reoccurrence of the problem then you will be first to know.

Regards, Wally


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