Richard Owen

Angling experience;

25 years fishing, 20 years visiting France fishing for carp and cats.

Favorite UK water;

Sibson fisheries.

Most memorable capture;

My first 20lb+ carp caught from Sibson (when a 20 was something to be really proud of) and a 112lb catfish caught whilst carping in France (an hour and a half fight on 2.5lb test curve rod on 15lb line).

Carp Fishing Blogs


Favourite tactics/methods;

Free lined bread crust, stalking would be my favorite when conditions permit it. Standard got to tactics would be boilie over particles.

Best Tips;

‘If its not broke don’t fix it’ I have used the same very simple rig for many many years, don’t over complicate what you do just because you saw someone on telly do something very complex and different. If you have confidence in what your doing and you catch fish then stick with it!

 If there was one piece of advice you could offer to a first time French carp angler what would it be?

As above, Keep it simple and remember that big fish generally eat more! (That’s how they got big.)

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