Sapphire gets more carp stock

This 2 day stocking operation (26/27 January) at Sapphire saw 230 carp added to the existing stock. As always with our Bigot venues the numbers were impressive with 125 x 20lb+ and 80 x 30lb+ carp making up the bulk of the delivery. The 8 x 40lb+ provided the cream, with 2 of these already topping the scales at 50lb. Around 17 good doubles, including several koi, were stocked because of their attractiveness or growth potential.

This brings the known carp stock in Sapphire so far to 350. Additional stock is planned… we’ll keep you posted.


One thought on “Sapphire gets more carp stock

  1. Ron Key says:

    I’ll be there on March 19th so I’ll keep you posted

    Cheers Ron

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