Scale Perfect Commons at Brie

Here’s the latest feedback from Brie. The first week in March turned out to be extremely testing conditions for Ron Key and Dean Randle, who still managed some absolutely stunning carp by the end of the week…

Holiday date: Sat 28th Feb to Sat 7th Mar 2015
Name of customer: Ron Key & Dean Randle
Number of anglers: 2

Details of your catches: Mirrors and commons to 36lb 8oz

Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Hard fishing in very cold conditions as you would expect in February. The most successful tactic was fishing Quest baits Magnum White snowman rigs over a few handfuls of Magnum Duo and sweetcorn.

Carp Fishing France at Brie 23lb mirror

Dean – 26lb 3oz

Were the facilities what you expected? Basic toilet facilities at the lake, and two showers with plenty of hot water and toilet a few hundred yards away at the farm.
Were you happy with them? Yes

Would you recommend the venue to a friend? I would certainly recommend the venue and can’t wait to get back when the weather is more favourable.

General comments: Brie is a stunning woodland venue. Long and narrow with a dog leg half way along and typical of waters in the Champagne region at around 6 feet deep. It’s fished from one bank with only two double swims on 15 acres.

There’s lots of space for each angler and with the far margin around 130 yards from swim 1 and 80yards from swim 2 giving plenty of variety for the anglers. The weather was very unkind to us but we still had a great time catching some lovely carp.

Find out more about Brie here – Carp Fishing France

Carp Fishing France at Brie 36lb 8oz mirror

Dean – 36lb 8oz

Carp Fishing France at Brie ron key

Ron – 30lb 12oz

Carp Fishing France at Brie

Looking up towards the facilities

Carp Fishing France at Brie

Dean – 31lb

Carp Fishing France at Brie sunset

Sunset at the lake



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