Slack Lines By The Ton At Alder

When Gavin, Karl and Stuart visited Alder Lake I was surprised to see them fishing with slack lines but the lads’ system worked well, as the group landed over 2000lbs of carp.

Their rig was a simple fluorocarbon and braid hooklink with CC Moore Live System topped with half pop-ups pink/white. They kept a steady feed of parti-mix going in to keep the fish feeding around their hook baits.

Stuart said, “I’ve been using slack lines with a flying back lead for about 18 months now. Same as Gav and Karl, I just find the takes to be much more positive and go well with fluro leaders.”

They chose to fish the west bank of the lake. The fishing was a little slow until a thunderstorm went through on the Tuesday. The fishing picked up after the rain and continued in blazing sunshine for the rest of the week.

Overall they landed 20 x teens, 55 x twenties, 14 x thirties and 14 grass carp. You can see a couple of them below.

For more information on Alder, a 10 acre runs water with carp to 58lb, follow the link – French Carp Fishing

Alder French Carp Fishing


Alder French carp fishing

Alder French carp fishing



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