Souvenirs of your French carp trip

Time was when the only thing you’d think of bringing back from France was a bootful of cheap wine, perfume and cigarettes. However, the abolition of duty-free shopping put an end to the need for that, so you can be a bit more adventurous with the souvenirs you buy. ‘Souvenir’ means ‘to remember’ in French.



Here are some suggestions of souvenirs of France that will keep the memories of your holiday alive for a while:

  1. Marseilles soap (savon de Marseilles). This vegetable oil based soap has been around for more than 600 years. It comes in a wide variety of beautiful, natural scents, and you can buy it anywhere in France.
  2. Provence lavender products, such as essential oil, perfume and soap. Lavender, famous for its beautiful smell and homeopathic properties, has been grown in the south of France since the Middle Ages. Some of the oil comes with AOC certification (Appellation d’origine contrôlée), like certain fine wines and foods in France, ensuring the highest quality.
  3. Pots of pâté and terrines. Wild boar (sanglier) is especially good. You can get jars of confits too, which is cooked meat preserved in fat. Not for the faint-hearted.
  4. Every region has its own style of pottery or porcelain, which you’ll find in local shops or at a market.
  5. Cool dog!

    Cool dog!

    A snazzy outfit for your dog. French dogs are the best dressed in the world. And yes, I’m joking. Canine haute couture is one of the few naff things to come out of France.

  6. Household items made from French linen and lace, such as tablecloths (nappes), tea-towels (torchons) or hankies (mouchoirs).
  7. Local products from a market – such as jars of fruit jam or honey, bottles of liqueurs and boiled sweets.
  8. Herb-based teas. There is a huge variety of these tisanes. My favourite one is orange with spiced bread flavour (orange saveur pain épice)!
  9. Ground coffee. You just can’t beat strong French coffee.



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  2. Last but not least the photos of your catches at the Angling Lines venue you went to. And if you came to ours (Notaire’s and Alder) and got your PB, then you’d have one of our special keyrings too!



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