Spawning Stops for Superb Fishing at Glehias!

carp fishing holiday France

30lb+ common for Steve

The Mead Party from the Basingstoke area have enjoyed some fabulous fishing here at La Gléhias over the last week; the four anglers managed to bank a staggering 42 Carp up to 36lb plus two Catfish to around 13lb.

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Jack Mead (16), who fished days only, went home a happy chappy with a new PB of a 22lb Mirror and caught his first Grassie too. Jack’s dad, Phil, managed to hook into one of the newly stocked smaller cats and also put a couple of 28’s in the net, despite only fishing four nights and the fish giving him a bit of a hard time of it as they didn’t seem to want to feed in the deep.

The Carp had threatened to spawn a couple of weeks ago when around 10-15 fish started to thrash around in the margins; with the temperatures unseasonably high for April, the water seemed to get a bit too hot to sustain the annual orgy and the fish’s amour quickly diminished. However, not all the carp got the memo and hung about in the reeded shallows waiting for things to take off again until a much needed torrential downpour stirred them all up into a feeding frenzy.
Having drawn lots at the beginning of the week, Trevor Bulpitt had first pick as to where to pitch his bivvy and decided on midway up Willow Walk. With Phil and Jack in the deep, Steve Hampton took the shallows and he and Trevor really struck gold with most takes coming from that end of the lake.

Carping in France at Glehias

Trevor with a fine 28.12

The anglers only fished 2 rods each for the most part of their stay so as to keep the angling pressure low and keep the fish on the feed. Steve also commented “at times, it would have been difficult to get a third rod out there!” – I know he was finding it difficult to catch some ‘zzzzz’s between fish!

Well done Lads, Lee


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