Spring at Boomerang Carp Lake

Jean Francois is a very lucky man. Every morning as he opens his front door he is greeted by the sight of his own carp lake and the beautiful rolling countryside of the Poitou-Charentes region of Western France. 

For one week only Ken and I had the same treat every day, whether it was from our bivvies or the veranda of the mobile home perched high above the lake giving superb views as we enjoyed our evening meal.

My view from the veranda of the mobile home

Fishing in early spring has advantages and disadvantages.   The lake looked amazing with bluebells, cowslips and an vast array of wild flowers amongst the trees that I’m ashamed to say I can’t name, but spring came early to Western France and a few carp where starting to show interest in spawning shortly after we arrived.

View down to the lake

We set up in the swims either side of the mobile home. The house and the mobile home face to the West and you are treated to some stunning sunsets.  The lake at this point is no more than fifty yards wide and trees and overhanging bushes on the far bank provided attractive cover for the carp.  They quickly showed their location as they leapt and rolled in the gaps between the bushes very close to the bank.  Keen to get started I set up the marker rod and flicked a lead across to the bushes a couple of times trying to be as discreet as possible and not disturb the carp I knew were there.  The edges were rocky and the bottom firm and clear and that was good enough for me.  YOU CAN READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE….

Ron Key


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