Springtime Deal at Molyneux


The early part of the year at Molyneux has historically been a fantastic time to be on the bank. Wally is here with an update and news of a 50% discount fishing.

Feeding the fish throughout the winter keeps them active and on the move looking for food and this year is no different, in fact every day after rowing out and feeding them I can sit back and watch the activity in the area fed that particular day.

As a result when the anglers start to arrive the action is almost instant with some large fish and big hits possible.

Molyneux French Carp Lakes

40lb 8oz mirror – 28th April 2013

On the first night of the season proper in 16th March 2012 the lake record was set at 46lb 7oz, and the group in question went on to catch some very good fish between them.

Last March, despite the snow and the lake being frozen right up to two days before the first anglers arrived, was a similar story with some very large fish coming out to some of the early anglers with pb’s being broken and a good time being had by all.

April is an incredible time to be fishing over here, the weather is generally warmer than back in the UK, and it has been our best month for the last two years. Last April was simply unbelievable with records being broken all over the lake every week. The lake record rose from the previous year with the big lin out at 47lb 12oz. We are desperately hoping if she is caught at the right time this year she will tip the 50lb mark.  Our Grass carp record was broken and now stands at 44lb’s, catfish up to and over 68lb’s were caught.

Molyneux French Carp Lakes

47lb 6oz – 10th April 2013

One angler caught 32 carp in a week, including a 42lb 8oz common and seventeen different thirties. In fact we had 11 different forties caught during April 2013, and 79 different thirties, many of which we expect to creep up and over forty pounds this year.

Molyneux French Carp Fishing

42lb 8oz common – 21st April 2013

The prospects are very good and we look forward with relish to the start of the new season…

We still have availability for both March and April this year although although don’t leave it too much longer as they tend to fill quickly around this time of the year.

March is still included in our winter price and we charge only 50% of the normal price, so grab yourself a bargain and come and enjoy some good early season fishing.

Visit our page on Angling Lines website for availability and no obligation quote – French Carp Lakes. We look forward to seeing you…

Molyneux french carp fishing

35lb 10oz mirror – 21st March 2013


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