Success on a quick overnight carp session on Molyneux

Molyneux in its Autumn colours

The Molyneux bailiff, Wally, tells us about an October overnighter;

It has been rare this year for the lake to be devoid of anglers, so when recently I found myself with the lake to myself it was too good an opportunity to miss. We were busy strimming brush and cutting down trees around the place so most nights I was absolutely shattered, but I managed to squeeze in a quick overnighter.

The weather over here in Normandy has been similar to that which you have been experiencing back home at least in the South East. The wind was a relatively warm Southerly, and the willows around the lake were swaying slowly in time with the sound of the ripples pushing into the edge of the swim. I set up in the double swim, one of my favourites on the lake as it allows you to cover so much water, with the island margins in front of me and open water to my left I was spoilt for choice. I decided to put one bait out toward the corner where two island meet, a spot I had enjoyed some success from before. After a cast of approx 95 yds, I felt the lead land on firmish ground. A kd rig formed the trap baited with a 15mm Ghurka Spice boilie. I topped this up with approx 30 more boilies scattered around the general area.

My second rod was cast to the far margin to my left, again a Ghurka Spice with a small pva bag of broken and whole boilies. Again approx 30 boilies followed it out to the mark.

My last rig went further left into open water, approx 80yds, I spodded approx 2kg of hemp and Maize over this area, and added another 30 Gurka’s to the mix.

I settled back with a cold stubby, and enjoyed the last of the daylight watching herons and our resident Great Egret stalking their prey down at the shallow end of the lake.

At around 8.30pm I had a one toner from the middle rod, I picked it up and was amazed to feel nothing on the end. I reeled in, checked the rig and especially the hook. All seemed absolutely fine, so a little perplexed I attached another small bag of broken boilies and cast it back as close as I could to the original spot in the gathering darkness. Once again I sticked out around 30 more little balls of goodness.

The rest of the evening proved to be a quiet one apart from the hooting of owls, I have yet to see one at Molyneux, but as anyone that has been to the lake will tell you we have quite a few who seem intent on communicating across the lake. I feel sure there must be some who are resident on the main island.

I climbed into the bag and fell asleep at around midnight, it was still mild, and I felt very confident of a bite.


It came at around 3.30am, when my middle rod tore off once again, I was up and out in a flash determined to hook this one, and hook it I did as it went off up the side of the island like a train, steady pressure soon prevailed and I felt the fish slow and eventually turn, slowly and without much further ado I brought it toward the waiting net, whereupon it decided it didn’t want it’s photo taken after all, and made repeated bids for freeedom. The tackle held firm though and I managed to draw it over the net at the fourth attempt.

A lovely plump mirror of 31lb 2oz in immaculate condition was held up for the camera, before being slid gently back into the margins.

The bait and a small bag were recast, though this time with no freebies. I have found early morning to be prime feeding time, and didn’t want to risk spooking any other fish that might be in the area. The stove was lit and a fag rolled and I sat there in the half light watching and listening for signs of fish.

I had to wait until first light proper at around 5.30am. This time the left hand alarm gave a series of single bleeps and he indicator rose slightly, I moved to the rod, and as the single bleeps turned into a tune and the indicator hit the butt I had the rod in my hand and swept it high over my shoulder.

The fish on the end, seemed confused for a split second and then made a dash for it. Once again I held firm, allowing it to run. The Molyneux fish do seem incredibly powerful and trying to slow the initial run has been the downfall of more than a few anglers this year. With no snags to worry about I knew I could let it have its head until I felt it slow, at which point I turned the fish and began the back and forth tussle which thankfully resulted in another sizeable fish gracing the net.


The Ruebens announced my second thirty of the night with this fish weighing 30lb 8oz.

Self takes were done and I was lowering the fish back into the water when the right hand rod gave a single bleep, I let the fish go and walked toward the rods as the same rod whipped round and the alarm screeched. Once again I lifted into what felt like a good fish, the water around the Island boiled and swirled, I tried to move it away from the island into deeper water where I felt slightly safer, the fish had other ideas, pulling back hard, twisting and turning and then suddenly it was gone. A hook pull! I don’t get too many thankfully but I really didn’t want one then.

That was to be the last of the action as a patch of scrub was waiting to be strimmed and cleared. A mixed night, but I couldn’t be too disappointed after bagging two lovely 30lb plus fish in one night.

Once again the Ghurka Spice had sorted them out. An awesome bait and easily the one which has accounted for the most fish from the lake this year.


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