Swim improvements at Bletiere carp lake

As we now have a chance to start the clear up and get Bletiere looking good for next year, I thought I would just let our guests know what they can expect to see next year.

Looking look at the lake map; in swim B I intend to dig the bottom out just in front of the swim as its proved difficult to land fish because it’s shallow just in front – this will also stop any potential damage being done to the carp.

The other big works I will be doing are on swim C.  This is where the 40lb 6oz mirror came out, but it’s a high bank, so I intend to dig the bank out and lower it at least 2 foot to make fishing easier and more comfortable.

I will put photos on the site as work progresses and hopefully if I can master it some footage on Youtube.

John London, Bletiere owner


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