Swim Improvements & Dry Wall Building at Bletiere

For the first time since we opened we have had no visitors booked here at Bletiere during March,I think due to the weather, but it has given us a chance to get some more jobs done.

Today I’ve been lucky to borrow our friend Normans mini digger and dispite Lesley’s groans and look of horror I have managed not to get it stuck!  But I have been able to remove some of the sedge grass in the middle swim.

As you stood at the swim on the left hand side there was a big clump of sedge grass that was slowly spreading around the end and it made playing fish difficult.  Well its now gone as the photos show.

Not to be outdone Lesley has started to build a dry wall that we kept saying we would do.   It’s not easy as it’s got to match the rest of the walls by our decking area and to keep it looking old like the rest there is no cement to be used.

 As the pictures show Lesley has got about a third of the way so if the weather holds it should be finished in a couple of weeks.

A short video showing all these will be on the site in the next couple of days.

Tight lines, John

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