Swim Work Commences at Bletiere

A lot of our guests comment on the Blogs I have done in the past and they like to see what’s changing here at Bletiere, so I will be again filming and going a Blog all winter.  However, before I start I have to say that the filming part will follow as soon as I can work out how to send the video to David on my new camera!  Those that know me will understand as technology and me don’t get on well!

As I intend to do short videos and the Blog I will start off with one for the blog and a couple of pictures to show what I have started.  I have been luckily enough to have my good friend Norman’s digger here and you don’t waste time when that happens!

This week I have started to change the middle swim below the house and like a lot of jobs you have to make a mess to get started… so that’s what I’ve done!

My plan is to make the swim bigger.  As you will see from the photos I have tried to pull out all the reeds that were choking the swim up as far as the digger could reach, but they are tough things and it will be a “get in the lake” job and try to pull them out.  I will make the swim wider on the end and I also want to try and make the swim bigger at the back so guests can get their bivvys on the chipped bark instead of the grass, as this turns to mud when it’s wet.


I have done a short video of this and it will hopefully be on in the next couple of weeks and after I have had a short break back in the UK.

Well off now to tackle the drive that got washed away in the storm a couple of months ago!

Tight lines, John

Fishing Holidays at Bletiere


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