Taking a carp trip this weekend? Fuel in France is a real problem at the moment!

As you are probably aware there are many industrial actions and strike activity taking place in France at the moment.  Customers are advised to ensure that they have sufficient fuel for their return trip to the ferry port where possible. Many petrol stations have no fuel and others are limiting the amount of fuel you can have.

For information on driving distances etc please go to www.viamichelin.com where you can enter your ferry port and the venue address and it will give you driving distance, fuel usage (depending on vehicle) and toll information. Also remember that lowering your speed may well improve your mpg consumption.

For information and updates on petrol stations, those with an understanding of French can use this site www.automoto.fr

It tells you which areas have fuel and which don’t. You need to know the French Department you are visiting (France is divided up into many Departments similar to our counties).  The French Department Number is the first two digits of the French post code.  So once anglers have the address of the lake, they will be able to find out more about the fuel in the Department that they are visiting. Contact us in the office if you need the postcode for a lake you’ll be visiting.

There is a some information on there and particularly on a forum which updates fuel availability in the different Departments. Please remember though… it’s only as good as the last update!

Another useful map is here.

Can I take additional fuel over?

There is a ferry directive  which applies to all ferry companies in that fuel other than in the tank of a vehicle cannot be transported across. So any Gerry cans holding additional supplies etc may be confiscated if found. At the moment one ferry company is checking to see if there can be any dispensation for private vehicles given the current situation – we will let you know if this is successful.

Eurotunnel is not subject to the same regulations but has other safety regulations regarding this and we understand that a maximum of 20 litres of fuel can be taken over, though there are constraints – no more than 2 x 5 litre plastic containers and no more than 2 x 10 litre metal containers. Totalling no more than 20 litres overall.

Can I get some individual advice?

Every booking circumstance can be different but give us a call and we will do everything in our power to help you resolve your problem. You can be assured of our best attention at all times.


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