Talk about Short Sessions!

So, after 5 months of working around the Carp and Cats lake at Holly Pools – it’s done for this year. New swims complete, path gravelled, plants starting to grow, leaves appearing on the trees. Bearing in mind I really have done little else but work on the fishery for the last 5 months, I decided I’d better get to work in the veg garden and score some points with S(H)e Who Must Be Obeyed. While digging for victory one thought kept going through my head: “You haven’t fished this year, and there are no guests this week…”

After arguing with myself for literally 3 seconds, I decided that as H was in England for a few days and there was nothing on TV, surely wetting a line for the last hour of light “just to test the water”, would be OK. I have my kit laid out pretty well, so it literally takes me 10 minutes to get the gear out of the tackle room and be ready to cast on the bank. I decided someone should test the new Stump Swim, and put 1 rod 20 yards out, with 1 Carp Cuisine “Fruit de Mer” and 6 more in a PVA bag on the hook. After casting out, I sat down on the handy lump of oak at the back of the swim to take in the surroundings: whilst fishing, and not working for once. I literally hadn’t completed my look around when the alarm screamed and the bobbin hit the rod. 10 minutes later and the Stump swim was christened with one of the smaller cats – 20lb on the nose. It didn’t half fight and was in super condition and very fat.

Catfish at Holly Pools Carp Fishing

20lb Catfish

Telling this story to my French neighbour Yvon today, I suggested it was a shame he’d not been there to see it. He’s an excellent coarse fisherman, but has never caught a Silure (Wels Cat). Why, I suggested, didn’t he pop down for a cheeky whiskey after dinner – say 7, and we would fish for half-an-hour?

My reasoning was: a) to see if the 10 minute take was a total fluke, and b) if I could land a Silure Yvon would be pleased to see “English style” fishing and a Silure to boot, and c) if I caught a Carp I’d have proved it wasn’t a fluke and I’d have caught both key species in our “Carp and Cats” lake in less than an hours’ fishing across 2 nights.

Talk about short sessions! But this is what we are about: bring your other half, keep her happy by doing tourist things like the markets, medieval towns and chateau – and then have a session after dinner, or just the morning – and still have a great chance of bagging up. Carp fishing isn’t just about spodding “munga” and casting to the horizon!

I suppose you can guess the next bit, since I have bothered to write the story: but our half-hour and a cheeky drinkie after dinner went pretty well. We met at 7 and after explaining the rigs to Yvon I cast the second rod out at 7:10 (One rod each tonight see!)

After setting the alarms I walked back up the steps to pour the drink – but liquid had not touched glass before we heard the unmistakable Delkim Bibibibibibibi! A really strong first run was followed by 10 minutes of slowly gaining ground. I didn’t want to lose one in front of the local audience! The result was a very healthy looking 21lb mirror, nailed in the bottom lip.

Catfish at Holly Pools Carp Fishing

21lb Mirror

So you see – you can have a fishing holiday that’s not ALL about the fishing, and still have some action when you decide to unwind by the water. See you on the bank.

For more information, articles and feedback from Holly Pools follow the link – Carp Fishing


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