Talking Carp Tackle, Part 1 – Carp Rods

Need an insight into what tackle is used by some successful anglers abroad?  We asked some of our experienced and highly respected anglers to give an insight into their own tackle choices. Unbiased, as they are not ‘sponsored anglers’, we simply asked what they use and why they use it.  This week we start with Rods…


I only use 2.75lb tc rods unless I need to cast to the horizon (not often as I tend to fish smaller lakes).  These are custom built with ringing and a through action to suit flourocarbon main line.  The through action helps to counteract the lack of stretch in the flourocarbon.

Duncan de Gruchy – Angling Lines regular

Depending on the fish size, the technique and the distance to cast. If the lake is small clean and fishing distance short to normal, I‘d suggest a 2.5lb or 2.75lb or 3lb. If the lake is big, with a few snags and good casting distance, I’d say 3lb to 3.5lb.

Mehdi Daho – Laroussi & Old Oaks Lake owner

As you may know my previous syndicate was at Grenville. As a result I changed from the Greys Prodigy 2.75tc I had used for years to a set of custom made Torrix in 3.25tc. They are a soft supple rod, not necessarily a casting tool, well certainly not in my hands, but are very forgiving and a joy to play fish on. For me that is the most important thing in a rod. I see far too many anglers here and elsewhere buying ‘stiff actioned’ casting tools as they wrongly think that with these they can cast to the sun. What they fail to realise is that without the knowledge and technique they will never utilise them to best effect. They would most probably be better served with a decent 2.75 tc rod which they could compress which in turn would quite probably give them the little bit of extra distance they are craving for. The firmer a rod the less forgiving it usually is when actually playing a fish. I have seen that far too much over the years and especially here at Molyneux where inexperienced anglers repeatedly suffer hook pulls as a result of not allowing for lunges that fish make during the fight.

Wally Gibb – Molyneux Lake owner

Same as I use in the UK, good quality with a test curve of 3lb b/s to cope with the larger fish!

Peter Drayson – Angling Lines regular

I use 12ft 3lb t/c, with 10,000 xte shimano bait runners, on the lakes I fish. These do the job easily. You can cast 100 yards and this is normally enough distance for most lakes. Also don’t forget you will need a marker and spod rod!

Peter Hidson – Angling Lines regular


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